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Food Covolution is your one-stop shop for all that’s happening on Coventry’s independent food and drink scene. We can publicise your business or event, share your news or write a feature about you. Supply your own words, or let us write them for you. Whichever you choose, it’s free and friendly service!


I run this website as a public service. Its purpose is to provide a single platform from which Coventry’s brilliant, hard-working independent food and drink businesses can fight back against the dominance of chain restaurants, cafes and shops in the city centre and elsewhere, shout about what they are doing, and attract some attention.

When I started out in November 2017, I was frustrated by the forest of chains springing up in the city centre (the situation now is much worse even than it was then), and by local leaders’ and local media’s patronising assurances that this phenomenon was somehow ‘good for Coventry’ and that we its citizens should count ourselves lucky to have such exciting food opportunities opening up on our doorstep.

I disagreed with this analysis. For one thing, you’ve only got to travel to nearby towns and cities such as Birmingham and Leamington Spa to encounter a completely different food landscape – one that is vibrant and interesting, that is embracing the experience economy, pulling people in and driving new ideas and collaborations. But this is not a food culture based on dull, predictable chains. No. This is a food culture based on thriving, freethinking independents. Coventry needs many more of them if it wants to be a modern city that people of all ages and backgrounds will want to spend time in.

Because independents are more than just cultural hubs: they are the lifeblood of their communities. For one thing, independents tend to support each other: money spent with them is far more likely to continue circulating around the local economy – enriching everyone – than money spent with chains.

Chains do the opposite of independents. Rather than keeping local money local, they suck money out of the local economy: they source centrally and they send their profits back to head offices that could be anywhere in the world. Would you rather see the money you spend staying here in Cov? Or winging its way to the Bahamas?

So that’s why I’m doing this: to support independent businesses. Set beside that, who I am hardly matters; but my favourite description of myself, if you must know, is ‘mad old bat’. Certainly, I’m much older than the average blogger/content writer.

Additionally, I have no training whatsoever in either journalism or PR – and my lack of professional credentials, as well as the fact that small businesses are hard-pressed enough as it is, mean that I don’t feel I can charge for what I do. So the good news about independents that you read on this website has been written without any financial transaction taking place. (On the rare ocassion that I have been invited to sample free food at a menu launch, I will always clearly state it.)

Finally, I know it’s not realistic to expect everyone to shop or spend leisure time at independents only. This is the real world, and even I don’t do that. But showing your support for independent businesses is a way of showing your support for Coventry, your city. Please consider that next time you are deciding where to spend your hard-earned cash.



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