Press Release

Local songwriter David Goody has made a habit of writing about Coventry. Previous songs have included “We Call It A Batch”, “Rules Of The Coventry Ring Road” and “Straight Out Of Earlsdon”. Now he’s turned his songwriting focus to Coventry’s tastiest invention the Godcake.

David says of the song “until recently, like many people in Coventry, I was unaware of the glory that is the Coventry godcake. I’d foolishy assumed that pastry and mincemeat meant a mince pie or an eccles cake. However I’ve now become a convert to the wonderful mix of puff pastry and mincement that makes up the Coventry Godcake, a tip top triangular treat. I wanted to try and promote this great treat as much as possible. The first thing I needed to do was some proper research. This involved long hours drinking coffee and eating godcakes in Esquires Cafe at the Transport Museum – I’m prepared to suffer for my art.”

“There’s such a rich history to the Godcake, stretching back to the 14th century when it was as ubiqutous as hot cross buns. The pastry is wonderfully crisp with a lovely moist centre. It’s just a shame there are so few places that produce them these days. A lot of credit must go to the Heritage Cake Company for their work to revive the godcake – and a great job they’ve done too”.

All Hail The Coventry Godcake can be seen on YouTube and will be part of David’s upcoming Banjaxed album released at the start of September. David will also be performing the godcake song along with other Coventry themed tunes on the Saturday of the Godiva Festival.

Ed adds: Godcake aficionados can also enjoy their favourite sweet treat at the Belgrade Theatre and the Undercroft at St Mary’s.