Basement Browns makes it all look so easy. But beneath the effortlessly relaxed ambiance and clean flavours that have become the trademarks of this family-run pizzeria lie hard work, unique vision and a determination that only the very best ingredients are good enough.

Take their pizza bases. Made on-site from ‘00’ flour imported from Italy and rested for at least seventy-two hours before cooking, these are a world away from what’s on offer at their chain restaurant rivals. The same goes for their tomato sauce, made from one-hundred per cent authentic Italian tomatoes selected for taste.

Established in Leamington just over two years ago, it’s this quality and attention to detail that Basement Browns has now brought to Coventry city centre – along with its own very special take on what pizza is all about.

Said a spokesman “Pizza is misrepresented in this country. It’s not formal – it’s actually quite a casual thing and I’ve never understood why pizzerias in Britain have not embraced that more. A big part of our concept is keeping our atmosphere very relaxed”.

And challenging pizza’s reputation as unhealthy food is also part of the Basement Browns mission. The spokesman continued: “We have stripped back our pizzas so that we can focus on quality ingredients, nutritional content and flavour. Our core menu is quite simple, but every pizza can be customised to diners’ own preferences with six free toppings. Nothing on our menu is fried – everything is stone-baked to-order in our ovens”.

And he added “Our pizzas come in three sizes, including ‘individual’ which can be made with a brown flour base as an alternative to white. We also offer lots of vegetarian and vegan options, plus a dedicated gluten-free menu featuring our gluten-free bases. Our desserts are made for us by a local baker”.

Explaining Coventry as Basement Browns’ choice for their second branch, the spokesman said they had noticed a trend of people travelling from the city to eat at their Leamington restaurant, and had spotted a gap in the market. The city centre location is perfect for attracting the full spectrum of pizza-loving Coventrians including families, office workers and older people as well as students.

Asked to sum up why diners should choose Basement Browns over chain pizzerias for their pizza fix, he said “chains cannot even come close to the quality of food we deliver. We do everything in-house and put everything into ensuring quality. We prioritise customer service by trying to create a culture where staff enjoy coming to work are proud to act as our brand. Our prices are competitive and we offer a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere”.

Basement Browns is a fantastic addition to Coventry’s growing independent food scene – and in case you were wondering: yes, it does indeed have a cosy basement dining area to complement the one at street level!

Basement Browns, 14 High Street, Coventry CV1 5RE